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ROF ~ PURPOSED!! with Ryan & Angela ~ A Tree and Its Fruit ~ Matthew 7:15

ROF ~ PURPOSED!! with Ryan & Angela ~ A ~June 24, 2018

RING OF FIRE MINISTRIES ~ Healing Hearts His Way Psalm 51:10

Wake Up!! Council of Time ROF~Youtube Video Playlist
Word Study: Lessons in Scripture for Right Now Times

Hopefully this will help you grow in faith and understanding in these difficult times that are coming to us on a daily basis.

There are so many suffering in the World today, due to circumstances you cannot control to the point you may feel like giving up. Regardless, there is One Remedy to those hurts, His Name is Jesus, and there is no distance too wide that His love cannot bridge. It is in our weakness in which our heart cries out to Him, activating the pouring of His pure love into us, restoring us in complete wholeness.

We at Council of Time ROF stand free of judgment and have been right where you are… Hopeless, at a loss, broken and in need of saving. We understand your pain and struggles all too well. Therefore, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the One Who actually can bind up the wounds of the past and instill within you His love for the healing you have been waiting and longing for, from the inside ~ out.

Love came down, not for the worthy, but for love’s sake. Jesus loves you with a fervent, undeniable love, not based on what you have done but what He already did. All you have to do is simply be open to receive; freely He has given and freely you shall receive.
The truth is we all require an element of love, often seeking it from sources that leave traces of pain, void of consistent relief. However, when hearts are healed His way, it is everlasting, permanent and without condition.
Just a closer walk with Jesus is all it takes, it is time to take that step in truth…
He has been waiting for you all your life.

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