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“FAMILY OF GRACE” ~ “Hinds Feet On High Places” Study Part 2~ “Angela” ~ “Ring of Fire Live” ~ 4/10/19


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Hinds Feet on High Places PDF Free ~ http://bit.ly/HINDS-FEET-IN-HIGH-PLACES-PDF-Link


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“FAMILY OF GRACE” ~ “Hinds Feet On High Places” Study ~ “Angela” ~ “Ring of Fire Live” ~ 4/10/19

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Are You Called To Be A Messenger? 7 Letters to 7 Churches ~ Council of Time


Christ In Us We Pray

Lord draw our hearts back to the simplicity and purity and devoutness to Christ himself. Lord that you would fix our eyes on Jesus. Lord bring us back to our first love which is you Jesus. Who is the author and perfecter of faith. We ask for that work within us Lord. Lord that our hearts would be by the spirit drawn back to first love for Jesus. That it would be truly said that our first love be Jesus. We ask for that work within us Lord. May you cut away all other loves that have gotten into first place. Re-prioritize them to a long distant secondary issue. May Christ again become our first love. First in our hearts, firsts in our affections, first in our desires, first in our seeing, first in our visions, first in our dreams that you give to us Lord. May you arise Son of the living God. And as certainly as you are center of the throne in heaven, now be in the center of our hearts. Be in the center of your people in love and affection. We ask Lord. We ask for that battle to be won within us by the spirit. We say yes and amen to you in it Lord. To no other loves before you Lord. We open widely the gates inwardly, King of Glory come in, and come in as the conquer and the King that you are. Establish within us the inner kingdom of God. With you ruling and you reigning.

Give us a hunger for yourself again. go deep Lord go deep, bring us there we ask in your precious name above all names Jesus.

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Midnight Hour ~ *DOORS* ~ 12 20 18

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This is going to be one eventful year with many happenings
People will be surprised from the governmental situations
Which will arise like a deck of cards getting shuffled 
So too will Americas deck be and many will be ruffled 

America will scream and moan as it’s ripped apart the great divide 
Attacks on the nation will be seen and we will hear the screams
Gathering places will be hit these attacks will feed the nations split 
Government will get pushy with it’s hand trying to control the information flow

Nineteen eighty four is right at the nations front door 
You will hear the government banging on the nations door 
Knowledge and wisdom will flow in ways like it never did before 
It’s because of the dam that is coming to the internet information flow