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While much of the world prepares itself for “the most wonderful time of the year,” is there a deeper and darker origin behind Christmas and December 25th? Is it all just presents and Christmas trees and decorations like tradition wants us to believe?

Is Christmas just about the mistletoe, boughs of holly, yule logs, and Santa Claus? Or is there a hidden mystery behind this particular day? And, since nothing new is under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), was Christmas REALLY celebrated thousands of years BEFORE The Messiah was even on earth?

And Was The Messiah Spoken Of In The New Testament REALLY Born On Christmas Day?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! COME OUT OF BABYLON NOW!!!!

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WOW! DISCOVER HOW TO OVERCOME THE “Deep State” “Shadow Government” “Matrix”

One factor that that many erroneously omit when discussing the “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” is the association with the occult. The relationship between the “Deep State” and occult societies is rarely addressed, yet is a critical component of the machinations of the “elite” who hold the reins of power.

What is not revealed cannot be healed.

Paul McGuire details this unholy alliance in this informative segment.
Paul McGuire instructs the Remnant Body of Christ to equip the saints to to “discover how to overcome the matrix in both the natural and supernatural and “learn how to see through the manufactured illusion of current events.”

What Paul says is so true. We have the Authority and the Power in the Name of Jesus Christ because of His shed blood to win this war. You will be better able to understand how social media, the internet and the old school media are moving us quickly toward their end-game agenda.

As we continue to trust in the Lord to build this ministry, HIS ARMY OF GOD ministry, we believe He will lead us in the direction He would have us go. May the Lord bless you abundantly for responding to this call to action!

Paul’s website:

Father/son investigative tag team, Douglas J Hagmannand Joe Hagmann have no shortage of issues to cover with Paul.