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POWERFUL!! Must WATCH!! ~ Evening with Michael ~ Council of Time ~ Feb 7 2017
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POWERFULL!! Must WATCH!! ~ Evening with Michael ~ Feb 7 2017

In these End Times I felt the need to bring Michael’s Council of Time (COT) and Angela’s Ring of Fire Ministries (ROF)broadcast’s to our page for people to listen to and learn of the times to come. Hopefully this will help you grow in faith and understanding in these difficult times that are coming to us on a daily basis.

There are so many suffering in the World today, due to circumstances you cannot control to the
point you may feel like giving up. Regardless, there is One Remedy to those hurts,
His Name is Jesus, and there is no distance too wide that His love cannot bridge.
It is in our weakness in which our heart cries out to Him, activating the pouring
of His pure love into us, restoring us in complete wholeness.

Love came down, not for the worthy, but for love’s sake. Jesus loves you with a fervent,
undeniable love, not based on what you have done but what He already did. All you have
to do is simply be open to receive; freely He has given and freely you shall receive.
The truth is we all require an element of love, often seeking it from sources that
leave traces of pain, void of consistent relief. However, when hearts are healed His
way, it is everlasting, permanent and without condition.
Just a closer walk with Jesus is all it takes, it is time to take that step in truth…
He has been waiting for you all your life.


God Bless all my brothers and sisters peace be with you.

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How God’s Kingdom Will Come—Not What You Think!

Billions of Christians are waiting for the Return of Jesus Christ. Yet virtually no one understands how this will occur. The Bible reveals the shocking truth about Christ’s Coming, and the manner in which God’s Kingdom begins. It is not what you expect!

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Trump Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old His First Full Day In Office

Trump Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old His First Full Day In Office


“If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.” GENESIS 4:24


It was Lamech the Kenite being quoted in Genesis 4:24, not God. The Kenites are the offspring of Cain, the literal offspring of Satan. This is why Christ called them the “Generation of Vipers” in Matthew 23:33 and in Revelation 3:9, the “Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie” meaning these Kenites claim to be the Tribe of Judah, they claim to be The States of Isreal, but in reality, they are the Serpent’s Seed written of in the Genesis Chapter 3 where you can read of the conception of Cain for yourself. That word translated as “touch” in Genesis 3:3 is #5060 in the Hebrew Dictionary of The Strong’s Concordance and is a Hebrew Euphemism that means “to lie with a woman”. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is Satan and the fruit both Adam and Eve ate of was Satan’s deception which included the sexual act that took place in the Garden of Eden. This is why Adam and Eve “sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons” to cover up their genitals out of shame. This is the root of “the Parable of the Fig Tree” Christ commanded us to learn in Mark 13 and Matthew 24. It has to do with the Kenites, the evil figs written of in Jerusalem is: the geographic location where their father, the devil, will appear as the False Messiah at the 6th Seal, the 6th Trumpet and the 6th Vial.

The True Christ will not return until the 7th Trumpet, the 7th Vial and within the time frame of the 7th Seal.

So don’t let this 70 years, 7 months and 7 days thing deceive you into thinking this isn’t just another part of the build up to that Hour of Temptation because that’s what it is.

Are we saying Trump is a Kenite? No.  But look at who four out of five of his children are either married to or dating. Don’t forget what Lamech the Kenite said.



Mattew 24:37-44





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