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My prayer is bigger than that these people get exposed!

My prayer is bigger than that these people get exposed, removed from positions of power and face the consequences for their evil deeds – AMERICA needs to get her conscience back. There is right and wrong. When President Nixon did his dastardly deeds, his own party called him on it.
1. LORD, we call forth any righteous among the Democratic party to come forth and speak truth to their members. Anoint them with a spirit of reformation and truth. If there is not even a handful of voices that will speak – then bring destruction upon this party that a new might arise with healing in its wings.
2. I pray that not a single person who is guilty of crimes against our nation and her people would be allowed to slink away and escape. As each revelation comes out I pray that layer after layer of collusion would be exposed and expunged.
3. I pray that the media that have been advocating for those who were doing evil would come under the microscope – those who were innocently duped would have their pride broken and would humble themselves under the hand of the LORD and those who knowingly agreed with the “anything to maintain power” philosophy would come under the LORD’s judgment. Judge between those who can be redeemed and those who are irredeemable. Remove the later from power and let their place be given to another you have appointed.
4. Lay the trail of bread crumbs directly to the masterminds. Let them not escape. Cause them to make mistakes in their panic that will expose even more than had they held still. Let not a single one, including the former President escape prosecution if it is warranted by the Court of Heaven.
5. Teach our children lessons that will last a hundred years in our nation. Show the evil of corruption. Show the evil of false scales of “justice.” Let those who fostered injustice face thorough and true justice.
6. Restore us as a nation to understand “Right and Wrong.” May the spirit of compromise and “spin” be utterly destroyed. We close the crack in the wall that President Clinton opened wide with his “Spin” and his “War room.” We declare that permission he gave to the evil spirits of lying, deceit, demonic confusion, rationalizing and destruction that he ushered in is revoked. The cracks sealed with the holiness of the Lord, truth, righteousness, purity of motive and grace. The blood of Jesus applied to every wound that occurred in the soul of our nation because of that evil. The resurrection power of the holy spirit loosed to every good thing that died in our land during their season of reign: we call forth a righteous conscience in our nation, we call forth an understanding of good and evil, we call forth and understanding of the scope of the sins that were committed and consequences of that sin upon the innocent in our land. SOFTEN OUR HEARTS LORD, as a nation may we truly be that nation once spoken of, “America is GREAT because America is GOOD.”

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